the ticket ( The Love of God's Intentions ) another battle with Cancer in my family, we wanted to make my Uncle Al's (Albert,Tab) 50th Birthday a very special day. (May 28th) After the passing of my Mother (His sister), Al's home became my place of rest when visiting-making our bond even greater. This surprise visit was different though. It would be the last time I would have with my Uncle.

It was a beautiful day for a lunch date. (May 29th) My Aunt and I were Blessed with the opportunity to be able to enjoy Unc to ourselves. (We were His birthday surprise) While having lunch I realized I had to go and pay my parking meter. I excused myself and ran to do so. As I approached my car I noticed my Uncle's car parked beside a meter as well. I paid mine and ran back with the intention to ask him about his as well. I got distracted on my way and as I returned to the restaurant I forgot to ask Uncle Al about his parking meter.

As we finished our day shopping and spending this priceless time together, we headed back to our cars and to Our surprise He got a parking ticket. He looked at it, brushed it off and got in His car. (My first feeling was to take the ticket from him and take care of it myself but i didn't)

My heart was heavy while on my return flight home. I was disappointed in myself because I didn't act on my feeling.

A little more than a month later, my Uncle Albert passes away.

I return back for the funeral and I stay at His house by myself. Being in His space, feeling strong from the peace I had being there with Him and God. After having my days there enjoying His memory and sharing with God, it was time for my return home. I talked to my Uncle AL as I packed and prepared to leave. (I took every moment I could to observe my Uncles ways from His cologne to His own specifics)

As I am leaving and saying my last good-byes, my inner voice says "Go back upstairs to His bedroom and take one last look." I walk toward His dresser mirror - This is where I always looked myself over after I got dressed LOL. I look down and I see a folded piece of paper. (I have been there for many days and especially that space in the mirror and never saw this folded paper) My heart POUNDS AND POUNDS, I go to reach for it even in my state of doubt. I open it and what appears - May 29th Parking Citation. I BURST into tears, snot running like a baby. I know for that moment I cried for Him, my Mom, my Grandmothers, my Cousin and other family that have succumb to cancer. I took the ticket home with me and paid it on line as soon as I got back. The ticket's expiration was the next day. You ask why pay it? That was my "debt". God gave me the chance to make good on my mistake. Even in Hurt and Despair God's Intention is ALWAYS good. 

God's Goodness is so Cool.



Posted on December 16, 2016 .