...and the redneck said "Amen"

...it was the beginning of the day, I was feeling good, coming in to work ready to make it a great day. A good workout to start the day, a delicious breakfast to feed that workout, no traffic, everyone is at work on time - Yes!

I walk in our waiting area and notice him - our customer. I greet him for assistance and no response. He just looks up at me and looks away. I take a deep breath, I look at him and quickly judge - he's rude, he's an idiot, he looks unhappy, he's a possible racist, redneck - everything a man could think of another man in that instant. 

In walks a close acquaintance that I had not seen in a about a year ( standing by the "no response" customer ) and quickly learned that he was going through a divorce. My heart dropped. He then shared with me in detail the effects of this matter. He explained how he had his family one day and the next day he was coming home to an empty apartment, sleeping on the floor. Admitting his infidelity. Explaining how it got to that point and looking at me with eyes of despair. I was looking in the eyes of a broken man. At that moment - what do you say? what is there to say? what do you do? how do you do it?

I took a moment, took a deep breath and looked into his eyes of despair and gently but strongly said to him "God Will Provide" and then that rude man, that idiot, that possible racist, redneck looked at me and said "Amen Brother"!!!!!!!!

I hugged my brother of despair and exited to my desk. I sat down with a heavy heart with first a snicker and then asking God to forgive me for my immaturity. Who knows what that guy may have been going through at the time but He was able to hear the Love of God.

 "..can't judge a book..., you don't know unless..., assuming makes an..."

Praise God! With His Love everything is possible. 


Posted on June 30, 2016 .