(simply titled) Jessie

(6:15am)...leaving the gym, walking toward my vehicle I noticed a dog running around. He was a Happy dog- Tongue wagging - spit flying! As I turned to open the door of my vehicle, he runs pass me with the goofiest Smile that made me Smile! :)  I turn to open the door,  a huge car skid sounds and next - "thump". My hearts drops, ("Nooo God naaawww") I struggle with turning around but I do. The car pulls over and the dog drops from underneath. I quickly ask God to help me because (1) I know I have to get the dog out of the street, (2) I don't want to touch the dog and (3) there is the young lady ( a gym employee ) who hit the dog, crying profusely. He sends me to her first. I gently tap on her window and she lowers it. I gently tell her "God will forgive you, God has forgiven you, It wasn't your fault, the dog didn't see you and you didn'tsee him". The calmness that came over her with the mentioning of God was Precious. Just then a gentle touch on my shoulder from a woman that witnessed the accident asks "would you help me move the the dog out of the street"? With no resistance, I walk with her and we both lift the dog over to the side and by the time we put him down he had passed away. I quickly go to the front desk ( of some I'm not particularly fond of ) to let them know one of your coworkers will need your love, she just hit a dog. Their first reaction was to make fun of her but I insisted she will need your care, the dog died. Their attitudes quickly changed - one called animal control and the other went looking for her. (They mentioned her name but I missed it) I'm quiet, Thanking God for making this tragedy as good as it could be. The accident wasn't violent - He guided me and the others to a very empathetic way of procedure. As I ride home thinking of the events, all I can see is that Smile of the dog flash in memory. (That picture of Joy - gone at the turn of an eye)

(8:15am) I enter Bible study. Main conversation was Living your Life as if it was your last - Living as if Jesus was returning that day. The excitement in me was evident. I couldn't keep still. I shared with the Brothers what I just witnessed 2 hours ago - God's Sentiment. Sharing that the dog could be one of us. Leaving here from our meeting place could be the last time we see one another. The Love of God is racing through us. Our goodbyes are enriched.

(9:30am) I have to be at my jobsite later so i ask God "what next?" because right now He has my full attention. He answers, go see Momma Jessie at her assisted living quarters. ( 2 weeks before she was doing ok, still needing assistance, looking weaker than the last time I saw her ) This is a woman who loved and cared for me after my Mom passed away. She told me I'm your mom now with her beautiful smile and checked on me all the time. I walk in and her walker is at the foot of her bed, she is sitting up on the side of her bed getting dressed. She had just come out of the bathroom on her own. I begin to shout loud "Thank you God, Hallelujah!" Tears begin to fall and we both are celebrating. This is a woman close to 80 fighting back from a stroke/seizure for a good amount of time and she is now walking on her own. I'm in Awe! I call her daughter shouting what I did before..."Thank you God, Hallelujah!". The feel of God's Grace around Us was breath-taking. It was only 10:45am!!!! I'm FULL.

I meet with the plumbers at my jobsite, everything performs better than expected. I get to fellowship with my clients, a Blessing so needed in the workplace. I share the dog story with all I come in contact with that day and the days to come. The weekend I get to spend time outside with Momma Jessie. It was perfectly God given.

The week begins my gym cycle and there she is ( the young lady who accidentally hit the dog). I ask "how are you doing?", prepared for her to not remember who I was. She responds by thanking me for being there. She mentioned that she really didn't remember much of what happened that morning but she remembered me.  I told her don't thank me, Thank God, it was His doing through me. She told me that I was her angel that day. Confirmation for what i thought happened and shared with others as well. My heart pounds as both of our eyes water. She asked me my name and she snickers (as usual )and smiles. She told me she would check on me from time to time and said good-bye with a hug of God's Grace. She's a beautiful young lady with a smile that melts the heart and that man side of me creeps in but i stand strong to appreciate her gesture for what it is and no more.

The next day in the gym we see each other and speak. She later comes by and awkwardly asks "Andrew can i give you something?" I was a little nervous, said yes and she proceeded to hand me a folded piece of paper. A picture of an Angel was unfolded. This picture was of her in costume photographed by a friend. She came across those pictures and wanted to give me one for my protection. As she said, 'from one Angel to another, i want you to have this." I was speechless but Praising God at the same time. I told her I will treat this in the Highest Respect. I was thankful.

If you did not notice I never got her name or asked what it was until now. Right before I asked, I glanced at her name tag for the first time....her name.... J E S S I E


Posted on August 22, 2016 .