the man

...born Andrew Elmore Jackson III, this creation of Love has become a soldier in the spreading of this Gospel. Influenced by Music and Design at the tender age of 7, Drew has matured and combined these two loves into his way of Life. His music teachers were his Mother, Joan A. Jackson and Odell's "you'll know if you belong" - Baltimore's #1 Club for Disco and House in the early eighties. He was later taught how to Mix and Blend these musical sounds using turntables by Steve Arrington. Between finding the time to decorate his room every month to perfecting his craft, drew's H O U S E was born. After graduating from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and taking a year of Carpenter Apprenticeship, Andrew moved to Atlanta to attend The Art Institute of Atlanta to later receive a degree in Interior Design. After working almost 18 years for Renaissance Tile & Bath in Atlanta, drew's  H O U S E is now building its foundation here in Nashville...let God's Love lead the way as drew's talents are shared with Life.



drew's H O U S E, LLC.


Nashvile, TN 37206


anDREW elmore jackson III

anDREW elmore jackson III