drew's H O U S E - my DESIGN and MUSIC to the world.

drew's H O U S E  is a way of Life, a way of BEing. It is God, It is Music, It is Love, It is Peace, It is Togetherness, It is Unity, It is Receiving and It is Giving.

drew's H O U S E will Attract and/or Support, Charity, Growth, Rebuilding, Change.

drew's H O U S E represents Freedom, Equality, Opportunity.

Why drew's H O U S E?

- the world is in need of Hope, Help, Release.

What's the bases of drew's H O U S E?

HOUSE MUSIC - like Hip Hop, it brings all people together in One Celebration - HIS LOVE & HIS LIFE

DESIGN - our Expression - it begins with the first hello between designer and client. This exchange means everything. OPEN is the feeling your client should feel from you - the Designer. It is our job to bring ideas and personalities together to bring a warmth of Self into the area being Designed and Decorated. For the time it takes to decide on a pair of shoes, a suit, an automobile, that type of time and consideration should be taken in the decisions to Design and Decorate your Home, your Foundation, your Peace of Mind and Rest.

My mission in Life is simple; I want to share the Deep Passion I have developed for the Creative Zones in my Life with the World.

I am drew's H O U S E and welcome is everyONE